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Visual Repertoire of Obama’s Run for the White House
The Visual Repertoire of Obama’s Run for the White House Compiled by the Information Design Studio

SOURCE: ThemeRiverTM*: In Search of Trends, Patterns, and Relationships

Text of the speech may be found at http://www.realclearpolitics.com/articles/2008/10/barack_obamas_closing_argument.html

NOTES: Theme Rivers: Wordles with a Time Dimension

ThemeRiver™ is a prototype system that visualizes thematic variations over time across a collection of documents. The “river” flows through time, changing width to depict changes in the thematic strength of documents temporally collocated. Themes or topics are represented as colored “currents” flowing within the river that narrow or widen to indicate decreases or increases in the strength of a topic in associated documents at a specific point in time. The river is shown within the context of a timeline and a corresponding textual presentation of external events.